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You may be surprised to learn that rural Northamptonshire has a long and fascinating history of Black people visiting, working and living in the county.

Northamptonshire has its own hidden Black histories and like elsewhere in Britain, the contributions of people of African, Asian and Caribbean origins have been invisible to the majority of people living in the county today. Over the years, NBHA 

has conducted research projects and created educational resources to help change these inaccurate perceptions.  

Project researchers have been able to establish dates, names and sometimes family stories by delving in a variety of archives. These include parish registers, personal and family documents, newspapers, paintings, photographs, gravestones and other media. These records will only be partial and some people will not have left any trace in the records. However, it is exciting to realise that there is a wealth of material relating to the past that has yet to be unearthed.
Here you can now find out about the people:

Joh Anderson.jpg

Fugitive American slave John Anderson who lived in Corby in 1861-1862 Source: Northamptonshire Record Office

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